Our Funeral Services

Service Choice

Our funeral directors have years of experience of making arrangements for a number of religions, faiths and beliefs, ensuring that their different funeral rites and rituals are honoured and respected. Many people prefer to choose a funeral service with little or no religious content. The non-religious funeral ceremony tends to focus on celebrating a loved one’s life, personality and achievements as an alternative way to say goodbye.


Anyone can lead a non-religious ceremony, including family or friends, however, you may prefer to use a non-religious celebrant Minister.



When deciding on, or arranging, a burial, there are a number of important considerations including the place, grave type and memorial options. Burials may take place in a churchyard, cemetery or a natural place like meadows or a woodland burial park.

There are many different memorial options to choose from, in a variety of materials such as granite or wood. Our helpful team can take you through all the options and explain any fees involved.


Green Funerals

Many people look for a more environmentally friendly or 'green' alternative to a traditional cemetery or graveyard. Natural green burial grounds offer a tranquil place for family and friends to visit and reflect. The burial grounds are often set in meadows or woodland areas with a focus on preserving the natural beauty of the environment and encouraging native wildlife and flowers.

For an environmentally friendly funeral, a selection of biodegradable coffins, caskets and urns are available in a wide range of materials that help minimise the effect on the wider environment, such as bamboo, willow, sea grass and biodegradable cardboard.

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Your local crematorium will normally have one or two service chapels where the funeral service may be held, or you may prefer to hold the service elsewhere, like a church, or service centre and follow this with a shorter service called a committal at the crematorium afterwards.

During the committal you may choose that the coffin is on view until the service has ended, leaving the curtains open. Some people prefer the curtains to close, to signal the final farewell, or often there is an option for the coffin to move gently from sight.


Chapel of Rest

Once we have taken your loved one into our care, it will be wholly up to you whether you want to visit them at our Chapel of Rest facilities or not. Our caring professionals are more than happy to give you the support and advice you need when deciding whether to arrange a visit. 

What is a Chapel of Rest?


A Chapel of Rest is a remembrance room often found in funeral homes where you can visit your loved one and pay your final respects before the funeral service.​

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Aura Flights

How do you want to be remembered? How do you celebrate a departed loved one who spent their life exploring and adventuring? We are all made of stardust. So when the time comes, why not let our dust return to the stars?


Aura Flights is the premier space scattering service. Created by the world’s leading Near Space flight experts, our flight system carries the ashes to the edge of space and scatters them in a gentle cascade using our unique, purpose-designed scattering device.


Carried around the world by stratospheric winds, they will circle through the heavens before finally returning to Earth in rainfall and snowflakes. The ascent and moment of release can even be captured on video and made into a beautiful memorial film for you to treasure and share.